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I'm looking for a video conferencing .NET API where I can connect peer to peer.

Currently I am using Skype API, but it is missing a few features, such as being able to switch to fullscreen via the api, and being able to change the user via the api.

Any suggestions?


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Take a look at ConferenceXP from the site:

ConferenceXP integrates recent advances in high-performance audio, video, and network technologies to seamlessly connect multiple, distant participants in a rich, immersive environment for distance conferencing, instruction, and collaboration. ConferenceXP provides an extensible foundation for interactive collaborative environments and serves as a research platform for designing and implementing distance conferencing and learning applications.

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Not sure if this will help you, but this one is not .NET and it's more of a webmeeting system, but it is free to use, and the code is published under GPL:


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Take a look at the iConf .NET SDK, a set of video conferencing components for .NET @ http://www.avspeed.com

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Opentok is a free video conferencing API. But it's for website and works with Javascript.

Hoiio provides paid voice conferencing API, if you are interested in calling to phones.

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for the Screen Sharing you can Implement RDPSession from COM

here is the example

happy coding


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