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i received a big book full of processes. i was thinking about the end user (they will be lawyers) and decided the best GUI would be showing activity diagrams or business processes. It reminded me Quickbooks and how non-accountants can successfully use it and understand accounting processes.

i began doing research before sending my project to a bunch of programmers: is there some open source solution? can i use MS Visio libraries? which UML tool is programable? what about Eclipse and its modeling tools? etc etc

the key points here are:

  • relationships between events, artifacts, actors, etc should be stored in a database.
  • processes or steps in a process should be easily modified by updating the database

do this sounds too crazy? (should I explain a bit more why it must be programmed this way?)

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Autonomous code generation from UML diagrams. You bet that sounds crazy :). –  sipwiz Jun 7 '10 at 2:19
@sipwiz not the code, the GUI elements and their relationships –  Xin Tanaka Jun 7 '10 at 10:38

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It doesn't sounds crazy at all :). I think it could make a wonderful product. You can achieve this quite easily(compared to the alternatives) using an existing but simple enough UML plug-in for Eclipse: AmaterasUML

How to proceed:

  • You need activity diagrams, but first take a look at the sequence diagram support in this plug-in
  • See the Sequence API (on the page mentioned above), and how easy is with it to generate an arbitrary sequence diagram from it.
  • Take a look at that API source code (AmaterasUML is open source) and see how it's implemented.
  • Now Look at the activity diagrams, and at their source code - it should be quite obvious how to implement a "Activity API" similar to how "Sequence API" is already implemented. (btw, I think the author of the plug-ing would gladly help you with this task, and it even might include that in the official plug-in).
  • Now, with that working "Activity API" (that would be very similar to the Sequence API), it should be quite easy to script the read the required nodes and vertexes from a database for display.
  • Even more, it should be easy to save into the database what the user is drawing with the already working visual activity diagram editor.
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Interesting requirement with those processes, and I really like your idea of using AmaterasUML. I already asked the author for APIs for the other types of diagrams too. –  Adrian A. Jul 20 '10 at 14:10

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