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Greetings all,

We are developing a QT application (QT 4.6 LGPL version) in Linux platform.All the libraries we use are cross-platform. Now we want to port it into Windows and continue develop in Windows. My questions are:

  1. Which compiler should we use ,Can we use MinGW or Visual C++ compiler?

2.If its Visual C++ compiler, which Visual Studio version should be used ,can we use 'Visual C++ Studio 2010 express' ?

thanks in advance.

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The easiest, by far, is to install QtCreator. it includes MinGW and simply opens the same project files as on linux. compile, and go!

A huge advantage of MinGW over VC++ is that it doesn't make you chase circles around getting the right vcredist library for the exact version of the compiler, nor it cares too much about debug/release builds. To deploy, just be sure to copy the same one or two DLLs you have on the development machine. A few more for Qt, but these are well-documented on Qt docs. No hidden surprises.

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+1, I got hit by this redistributable crap (I was naive enough to believe that the actual Microsoft compiler [VS2008] can produce libraries which works on modern windows operating systems [W2K:Ok, WX+Vista: no way]). Solved it by moving to gcc. –  Rudi Jun 7 '10 at 7:05

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