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I'm developing a C++ command-line application in Visual Studio and need to debug it with command-line arguments. At the moment I just run the generated EXE file with the arguments I need (like this program.exe -file.txt) , but this way I can't debug. Is there somewhere I can specify the arguments for debugging?

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Yes, it's on the Debugging section of the properties page of the project.

In VS 2008, 2010, 2012, or 2013, right-click the project, choose properties, go to the Debugging section -- there is a box for command line arguments.

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Thanks, that was quick! –  Maciek Gryka Nov 18 '08 at 13:29
Funny how a search of Visual Studio help finds about 55,000 irrelevant matches; but google puts this thread second from the top... Thank You! Thank You! and Thank You! –  corlettk May 29 '09 at 3:34
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Stackoverflow is the only usable MS documentation! –  Martin Beckett Jan 13 '11 at 16:41

The Mozilla.org FAQ on debugging Mozilla on Windows is of interest here.

In short, the Visual Studio debugger can be invoked on a program from the command line, allowing one to specify the command line arguments when invoking a command line program, directly on the command line.

This looks like the following for Visual Studio 8 or 9

 devenv /debugexe 'program name' 'program arguments'

It is also possible to have an explorer action to start a program in the Visual Studio debugger.

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Even if you do start the executable outside Visual Studio, you can still use the "Attach" command to connect Visual Studio to your already-running executable. This can be useful e.g. when your application is run as a plug-in within another application.

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In visual studio 2010 right click the project, choose properties, click configuring properties section on the left pane, then click debugging, then on the right pane there is a box for command arguments in that enter the command line arguments. you are good to go. now debug and see the result. if you are tired of changing in the properties then temporarily give the input directly in the program.

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Microsoft Visual Studio Ultime 2013.

You can just go to the DEBUG menu -> Main Properties -> Configuration properties -> Debugging and then you will see the box for the command line arguments.

Actually, you can set the same input arguments for all the different configurations and not only for debugging.

From the pull down menu of configuration select: All Configurations and insert the input arguments (each argument separated by space).

Now, you can execute your program in different modes without having to change the input arguments every time.

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