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I have a series of actions I want to perform on page unload. Namely if a user is editing an input field, and they refresh or close browser or leave page, I want to save the contents of the field.

The actions don't include an AJAX call, so I can't just make it synchronous. It's actually saving to local storage, but the page unloads before the storage can take place. The code is correct, if I add an alert to the actions, the delay allows the rest of the code to finish before it even displays.

Any ideas?

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And where is your code? – ElmoVanKielmo May 14 '14 at 13:10

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use prevent default on unload

window.onunload = function(event){
     event.handled = true;
     event.preventDefault(); //stop the default action
     // and do your operations here
     //now close the window
    //close the window
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