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I have a string builder like

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder("Value1");

Now I have a string say

string str = "value 0";

I did


and then

string[] strArr = sb.ToString().Trim().Replace("\r", string.Empty).Split('\n');

The result I am getting as (Array size of 2 where I should get 3)

[0] value 0 Value1

[1] value2

But the desired output being

[0] Value 0
[1] Value1
[2] Value2

Where I am going wrong?

I am using C#3.0

Please help.. It 's urgent


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You should be aware that the performance advantage of using StringBuilder instead of string concatenation is lost if you insert at the beginning instead of using the Append methods. –  Mark Byers Jun 7 '10 at 7:24

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The method StringBuilder.Insert does not insert a new line automatically so you have to add one yourself:

string str = "value 0" + Environment.NewLine;
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Actually, you would get an array of size one. You put "Value1" in the StringBuilder when you create it, then you add "Value2" and a line break, making the string "Value1Value2\r\n" (assuming the CR+LF line break for this example). Then you insert "Value 0" at the beginning, making the string "Value 0Value1Value2\r\n". Trimming the string removes the line break at the end, and splitting on a character that doesn't exist in the string gives you an array with only one item:

[0] Value 0Value1Value2

The Insert method doesn't add a line break like AppendLine does, so you have to add the line break manually:

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

string str = "value 0";
sb.Insert(0, str + Environment.NewLine);

Now you can trim and split the string:

string[] strArr =
  .Split(new string[]{ Environment.NewLine }, StringSplitOptions.None);
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+1 Good answer! –  Mark Byers Jun 7 '10 at 7:27

You are inserting Value 0 and which would result in the first line being Value0Value1

Insert will only insert a string at the specified position. It does work the same as AppendLine. As there is no carriage return your split won't work as you intended.

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