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I have a textarea which users can enter some tags. I need to limit this tags to 20 tags.

Tags could be enterer this way


What i wrote is this function

function limitTags()

    var tags        =   $("input[type=text][name=tags]").val()
    var tag         =   $.trim(tags);
    var selected            = new Array();

     * replace the last ','
    if(tag.substring(tag.length - 1) == ",")
         *///tag = tag.replace(tag.length - 1, '');

    var enteredTags = tag.split(",");

    if( enteredTags.length > 20 )
        //$("input[type=text][name=tags]").val(enteredTags.join(",", enteredTags));

        alert("Only 20 Tags allowed");


The alert works just fine but, after the alert box is gone. i can continiue entering tags till the alert box appears.

What i need is cut the text after the messagebox which was entered also the last ","

I hope i could ask my question clear.


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You can use the slice method to cut the array down to 20 entries before setting the value:


See: https://developer.mozilla.org/En/Core_JavaScript_1.5_Reference/Objects/Array/Slice

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Thanks this worked forme have a nice day :-) –  streetparade Jun 7 '10 at 8:15

Intercept "," pressing, and check how many entries the user inserted so far. If he's trying to insert too many entries just prevent further insertions.

$('input[type=text][name=tags]').keyup(function(e) {
    if((e.keyCode == 188) && ($(this).val().split(",").length > 19)) {
        alert('Only 20 Tags allowed');
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