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How can I emded a pdf inside my app? Should i just pass the pdfs file url to a web view and let that take care of it or is there a better way/



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after snooping about I found this:

CGContext context = UIGraphics.GetCurrentContext();


CGPDFDocument pdfDoc = CGPDFDocument.FromUrl(_pdfFileUrl);
if(pdfDoc.Pages >= 1)
    CGPDFPage pdfPage = pdfDoc.GetPage(1);  

    context.ScaleCTM(SCALE.Width, SCALE.Height);
    // the PDFRectangle is the media box rect of the page, which is hardcoded
    // for now
    context.TranslateCTM(-this.PDFRectangle.X, -this.PDFRectangle.Height - this.PDFRectangle.Y);




from here:

Which was a question about memory leakage but answered my q in the process.


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You might want to have a look at UIDocumentInteractionController which allows viewing all kinds of file formats.

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