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I've written a simple tool that lets users keep track of some stuff (to make it simple, lets say they're entering their weight every day). Throughout the site, I want to add links to social sites, where user could share that info. Example: after user successfully adds a new record, I'd like to show him links that when clicked would redirect him to twitter, facebook and similar sites with a pre-filled message: "my weight today is XX kg". On the graph page, I'd show links that would contain a different string ("see my daily weight graph").

I tried at http://www.addthis.com, but it only offers pre-filled messages for twitter.

I don't really want to spend X days reading APIs for every major social website out there... can you guys suggest a solution? Either a resource with specs of links, some 3-rd party app (I'd look at the code), or some web service like addthis.com...

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For Twitter:
Also have a look at http://tweetmeme.com/

For Facebook:

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Facebook no longer allows that method. –  EfficionDave May 18 '12 at 16:04

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