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I have an div Element with the ID mypointer, wich has an absolute position. I animate this div on a page with jquery. The goal is a presentation where the elements show the same reaktion on the div element like the mousepointer. So I want to simulate mouseover, click and rightclick events. Is that possible? Can someone give me an example which show me how to do that?

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P.S. Example here link text the red square is over an h1 element. Is it possible to execute the h1 mouseover event, when there is a collision of the mypointer and an h1 element?

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You want to simulate the events...or just trigger the event handlers you hooked up to those events? –  Nick Craver Jun 7 '10 at 11:52
I want that if i have an h1 element an I have the code $("h1").mouseover(function(){ $("#output").text('I am over the h1 element'); }); that this code will also execute, when the div#mypointer is animated over an h1 element. If the div have a collision with some element on the page and i call a method on div#mypointer I want that the clickeventhelper of the other element fires and will be execute –  Lara Röpnack Jun 7 '10 at 13:00
There isn't a collision event in javascript (that I know of) that will fire when two elements meet. You will probably have to do it manually. –  Mottie Jun 7 '10 at 13:15

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I'm not quite sure if I get you well, but to 'simulate' events like mouseover et cetera, you can always use jQuery's .trigger() in a form like:


You can also call a more 'detailed' version, where you can specify the events arguments

   type:    'keypress',
   which:   13,
   ctrlKey: true

which infact would simulate a return key while ctrl key is pressed to 'my_div_id'. If you just need the event handler code to execute, use .triggerHandler().

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Maybe i don't understand your idea completely, but i wrote some code.

It works very simple. We bind two events "click mouseover" on #mypointer and also on h1 (or any other selector). When the event fires on #mypointer we check every h1 element to match it's position with position of #mypointer and if match -- trigger the event on matched element.

"use strict";
/*global $*/
function getElementCoordinates(el) {
  return {
    left: el.offsetLeft,
    right: el.offsetLeft + el.offsetWidth,
    top: el.offsetTop,
    bottom: el.offsetTop + el.offsetHeight

function checkIntersection($el) {
  var pointer = getElementCoordinates($('#mypointer')[0]);
  var element = getElementCoordinates($el[0]);

  if ((pointer.left >= element.left && pointer.left = element.left && pointer.right = element.bottom && pointer.bottom = element.bottom && pointer.top 

$(function () {
  $('#mypointer').live('click mouseover', function (e) {
    //here write selectors you want to check for collision
    $('h1').each(function () {
      if (checkIntersection($(this))) {
        return false;
  $('h1').live('click mouseover', function (e) {
    $("#output").html(e.type + ' fired on ' + e.target.nodeName);

Sorry, parser "eat" checkIntersection function, so full code available on http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?263utdc1nmqy

wbr, Roman.

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Thank you for you work. I did not search for an element mypointer which reacts to my mousepointer and trigger the events to an other element. I ask for the possibility that an other element react to mypointer like to the mousepointer –  Lara Röpnack Jun 8 '10 at 9:33
Element react to mouse cursor? –  sbmaxx Jun 8 '10 at 9:58

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