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From my main build file, I would like to call the same target in multiple other build files. My current solution is to call them separately, like so:

<ant antfile="${lib_src_dir}/mylib1/build.xml" target="build" inheritAll="false"/>
<ant antfile="${lib_src_dir}/mylib2/build.xml" target="build" inheritAll="false"/>

I would like my build file to just call the build target on the build files in all of the subdirectories of ${lib_src_dir}. I know I could use the foreach tasks from ant-contrib, but I'd like to stay away from an external library if possible.

I've tried the following, which didn't work:

<ant antfile="${lib_src_dir}/*/build.xml" target="build" inheritAll="false"/>
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I just noticed the subant task. That might do what I want. – Jun 7 '10 at 13:34

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You want the subant task.

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Hah, I just noticed your comment above. – ChrisH Jun 7 '10 at 14:08
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Here's what I ended up with, using the subant task:

<subant target="clean">
    <fileset dir="${lib_src_dir}" includes="*/build.xml" />
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