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I think it's a simple question. I want:

a = 1.154648126486416;

to become:

a = 1.154;

and not:

a = 1.15000000000;

How do I do that without using format('bank').

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are you trying to round, truncate, or just display a certain number of digits? –  Doresoom Jun 7 '10 at 14:40

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You could do this:

a = floor(a*1000)/1000;
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Building on @gnovice's answer, you can format the output as a string to get rid of the extra zeros. See the sprintf documentation for all the formatting options.

str=sprintf('The result is %1.3f.',a);

will show "The result is 1.154." in the command prompt. Or write the string to file, etc., etc.

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