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here is my situation.

I have an small console application written in C++ (it makes and saves a .avi file into HD). I have to make it a visual app in order to set times, frames per second, etc.

I have NO IDEA how to start. I never used Visual C++ before. I can't even open a simple "OK, Cancel" dialog box...

I need the most basic ever tutorial... thanks

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Look at * And read Charles Petzold's Win32 Programming to know the basics of Win32 Programming * Then Start MFC(Jeff Prosise).

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I would recommend Visual C++ or C# 2008 (express editions are fine) way before VC++ 6, but if that's what you have to use for some reason then I would read "Programming Windows, Fifth Edition" by Charles Petzold and "Programming Windows with MFC, Second Edition" by Jeff Prosise. (I recommend both authors' .NET books as well if you decide to go that route instead.)

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Or, as a bit of an out of the box idea, use wxPython. The first Python I ever looked at came from a wxPython beginner tutorial, and in less than an hour I had an app with list boxes, edit boxes and buttons. Calling your console app with parameters, and managing the response, is trivial.

Learning to use VC++ from nothing is going to take you days, if not weeks. And unless you need it as part of your career Visual C++ will be a lot less use to you than a bit of Python.

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