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The Core Data Programming Guide talks a lot about what not to override. So the question is: What is good to override?

Like I see it, I can't override -init or -initWithEntity:insertIntoManagedObjectContext:

So where else would be a good override point to set up some basic stuff? Or is it generally not needed to do custom initialization? Does the whole thing rely only on accessing properties which then start to do fancy things? So no custom initializations?

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I often override the following methods:

-(void) awakeFromFetch
-(void) awakeFromInsert
-(void) willTurnIntoFault
-(void) didTurnIntoFault

Don't forget to call super implementations. In Addition the following method should be overridden to process Objects after undo/redo

- (void)awakeFromSnapshotEvents:(NSSnapshotEventType)flags


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Interesting. So -awakeFromSnapshotEvents: is called every time when an undo/redo happens? Is that a "snapshot event"? (makes sense, almost) –  dontWatchMyProfile Jun 7 '10 at 15:46
exactly, a list of possible events can be found in the apple developer documentation –  Martin Brugger Jun 7 '10 at 20:03

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