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I need to format a string in a custom number with the mask: "0000000-00.0000.0.00.0000".

I try this code:

string test = string.Format("{0:0000000-00.0000.0.00.0000}", 00014414720108190006);

The output is: "144147201081900-06,00000000000"

What is the best way to obtain a "0001441-47.2010.8.19.0006" in this example?

Thanks in advance.

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You just need to escape the dots because they are usually interpreted as custom format specifiers. Use the following format string and it will work. See the MSDN for reference.

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Works fine! Thanks a lot! –  wallybh Jun 7 '10 at 16:04

You need to add \ before every full stop otherwise they are interpreted as different formating.

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