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I'm loading from a xml some information about city's points of interest, and my xml structure looks like this:

        <name>Residencia PAC</name>        
            <image>C:\Pictures\Alien Places in The World\20090625-alien11.jpg</image>
            <image>C:\Alien Places in The World\20090625-alien13.jpg</image>
        <desc>blah blah blah blah</desc>

I'm having trouble to retrieve the images information, I'm only able to get one image, but in these example there are two. The Linq query that i am using is:

CityPins = (from c in PointofInterest.Descendants("InterestPoint")
                       select new InterestPoint
                           // = c.Attribute("Latitude").Value,
                           //longitude = c.Attribute("Longitude").Value,

                           Name = c.Element("nome").Value,
                           LatLong = new VELatLong(double.Parse(c.Element("Latitude").Value), double.Parse(c.Element("Longitude").Value)),
                           Desc = c.Element("descricao").Value,
                           Images = (from img in c.Descendants("imagens")
                           select new POIimage

                               image = new Uri(img.Element("imagem").Value),



Images is a List<POIimages> where POIimage is a class with a Uri field.

Could someone help me fix this query?

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Can there be multiple <images> elements? – SLaks Jun 7 '10 at 16:47
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By writing c.Descendants("images"), you are iterating over all of the <images> elements, and getting their first <image> element by calling img.Element("imagem").

Since there is only one <images> (which happens to contain multiple <image> elements), you're only getting one image.
The other <image> elements inside of <images> are ignored, since you don't do anything with them.

You need to call c.Descendants("image") in the inner query to get all of the <image> elements.

For example:

Images = (from img in c.Descendants("image")
          select new POIimage { image = new Uri(img.Value) }
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Try this ( couldn;t test, don't have VS editor as of now).

Images = (from img in c.Descendants("image")).SelectMany( new POIimage 
                                image = new Uri(img.Element("imagem").Value)
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