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I can't figure out why I get a Object reference not set to an instance of an object. error if I use a ternary operator in my LINQ query.

var courses = from d in somesource
                          orderby d.SourceName, d.SourceType
                          select new
                              ID = d.InternalCode,
                              Name = string.Format("{0} - {1}{2}", d.InternalCode, d.SourceName, (d.SourceType.Length > 0 ? ", " + d.SourceType : string.Empty))

Any thoughts?

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d.SourceType is null.

You should call

(String.IsNullOrEmpty(d.SourceType) ? ", " + d.SourceType : string.Empty)
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You are correct. It turns out that even though it's a string it comes back null if empty. Thanks. I will select you as the correct answer once it allows me. I've upvoted similar answers. –  Cat Man Do Jun 7 '10 at 17:14

You're checking the Length property of SourceType, which could be null.

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Maybe SourceType is null, so you get exception on d.SourceType.Length.

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