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I've got a CopiesHelper module with a method cc.

In my ApplicationController, I have

helper :all 
helper_method :cc #just tried putting this in recently

If in another one of my Controllers, I try using the cc method, I get

undefined method 'cc' for #<OtherController:0xblublublublub>

Am I missing a step here?

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If you want to use your CopiesHelper in one of your controller, simply do :

in {app_dir}/app/controllers/your_controller.rb

class YourController < ApplicationController
    include CopiesHelper

If you want to use your CopiesHelper in every controller of your app just do :

in {app_dir}/app/controllers/application_controller.rb

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
    include CopiesHelper
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Well, seems like helpers aren't generally used in controllers!

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