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In CFEclipse, I do a lot of double-clicking to select text. The standard behavior is to select all text within the nearest word boundaries. This is problematic when editing code where the original editor didn't use camel-case; for example, they wrote "myObject" as "my_object".

Is there a way to change the double-click selection behavior to include '_' as a valid word character?

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CFEclipse does not recognize either the underscore or a period as a character for selecting text with a double-click. There is no way that I know of other than rolling your sleeves up and hacking the editor code to change it. I doubt that this will be changed any time soon with the impending release of Bolt from Adobe.

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In the latest version of CFEclipse, there is now the option to define what characters are considered word boundaries when double-clicking, and also the option to use different characters when using alt or shift keys.

In Preferences, goto CFEclipse > Editor > Text Selection to update this: alt text

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On eclipse 3.4.1 Ganymede, it seems to select the nearest boundaries including the '_' (at least in the java file I am using)

What eclipse version are you using ?

This blog even reports that eclipse3.3 does select word as you are expecting it...

Notepad2 vs. FireFox

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Sorry, I should have mentioned I was using the CFEclipse plugin for ColdFusion development –  Ross Nov 18 '08 at 17:34

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