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Given an associative array (of the sort returned by jQuery.serializeArray()) like this:

{ 'name': 'abc', 'value': 'aaa', '__proto__': [Object] },
{ 'name': 'def', 'value': 'bbb', '__proto__': [Object] },
{ 'name': 'abc', 'value': 'ccc', '__proto__': [Object] }

How can one convert this, using either jQuery or just javascript, to an associative array of name: [values] like this:

   'abc': ['aaa', 'ccc'],
   'def': ['bbb']

This seems to essentially be the inverse of this question: Build associative array based on values of another associative array... but in Javascript (not PHP). I wasn't able to find this question on Stackoverflow, though I thought it would have been asked.

Thank you for reading.


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You just have to iterate over the objects, check if the name exist on the result, and store or push the value, e.g.:

var result = {};
$.each(arr, function (index, el) {
  if (!result[]) {
    result[] = [el.value];
  } else {
//{"abc":["aaa","ccc"], "def":["bbb"]}
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Thank you; that'll do it. :) It crossed my mind, since it seemed such a common operation, that there may be something built into jQuery to do this (e.g. $.map/merge), or some set_default (like Python) to avoid the if/else. – Brian M. Hunt Jun 7 '10 at 22:06

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