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I'm attemping to use the Yahoo Contacts API to add an "invite your friends" feature on a site I'm building.

I've found the correct web service to call ({guid}/contacts) but it is asking for the user's GUID, not their username/password.

I've searched, and am unable to find a "lookup" feature through the Yahoo API which lets me get the user's guid from their username/password.

Does anyone have any experience with the Contacts API.

I've reaad over the documentation, and looked at YQL as well, but I still haven't found how to get the user's guid.

Thanks guys.

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This is from their developer documentation:

To get the GUID of the user who is running the application, call the GET operation on the following URI. This user must be signed in to Yahoo!


Note that you can't login the user silently -- you need to display the Yahoo login page with a pop-up window and get an OAuth token (more info about this found in the dev docs).

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Thanks. I'm still lost. I find their documentation just horrible, either that or I'm just really stupid the last few days. – Jack Marchetti Jun 8 '10 at 14:04

You can use simply:

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First you need to signup your application to YDN. than you will get a consumer key and consumer secret to implement oAuth.When you get your application authorized by user.then yahoo passes you a access token and GUID by which you can call yahoo's social api.

check this out

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