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I am trying to build a search functionality which at a high level works like this.

1 - I have a Search model, controller with a search_set action and search views/partial to render the search. 2 - At the home page a serach form is loaded with an empty search object or a search object initialized with session[:search] (which contains user search preferences, zip code, proximity, sort order, per page etc). This form has a post(:put) action to search_set.

3 - When a registered user performs a set the params of the search form are collected and a search record is saved against that user. If a unregistered user performs a search then the search set action simply stores the params in the session[:search]. In either case, the search is executed with the given params and the results are displayed. At this point the url of in the location bar is something like..


At this point if the user simply hits enter on the location bar, I get an error that says "No action responded to show" I am guessing because the URL contains search_set which uses a put method and even though I have a search_show (:get) action (which simply reruns the search in the session or saved in the database) does not get called.

How can I handle this situation where I can route a user hitting enter into the location bar to a get method?

If this does not explain the problem , please let me know I can share more details/code etc.


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I would guess that if you created your own routes instead of using restful routes this would not be a problem. Without seeing what you have exactly this might help:

map.connect "/searches/", :controller => 'searches', :action => 'show'

While gets are preferable for searching (sharing/bookmarking urls etc), if you are saving the search to the server a post request is appropriate.

I am not sure this helps, but Thoughtbot posted a great article on searching a while back:

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Why can't you just have the form do a get request instead of a put?

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I would rather keep the url clean, get will results in long urls, moreover, not sure if there is a limit to how much info you can send using query string and I could potentially have very long query strings. Thanks for the response. – badnaam Jun 8 '10 at 1:57
I have tried looking for best practices for complex searches (think yelp) with filtering based on several criteria. Haven't found anything interest, would be great if you can point me to something. – badnaam Jun 8 '10 at 1:58
I have to ask why it really matters how clean the URL is after doing a search? Try doing an advanced search in Google and you can see that they use the Get method. If the largest search engine in the world is doing it that way, I would probably go with that. I guarantee they've done their research. – Beerlington Jun 8 '10 at 2:21

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