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I've got about 200k images in a bucket. They all have expires headers of 2050 but I've read you shouldn't send an expires header older than a year. I want to schedule a script to run every month and set the headers to 6 months away. Anything out there? Obviously I'd like to avoid iterating 200k objects.

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Disclaimer: I am the developer of this tool, but I think it may answer your question.

CloudBerry Explorer freeware will be able to do it in the next release.

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How do you set it, if i may ask? iterate objects? – Cherian Jun 18 '11 at 16:37
Multiselect the objects and set the headers. – cloudberryman Jul 6 '11 at 13:47

Maybe this is a dumb question. But why set up a script and all that when you can simple add max-age=26297438 ???

max-age=26297438 = about 10 months

Both yslow and g speed accept that an acceptable future date setting

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S3 doesn't appear to support bulk updates, as its API's contain no such operations. Some third-party tools claim bulk update capability; however, I wager that they merely automate iteration.

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