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I have a web page that I would like others to add onto their own web page. I know I can do this by providing an IFrame code, but is there a better way, such as providing a Javascript to embed? The IFrame has ugly scrollbars that do not make the embed so seamless. Can anyone help with this?

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What kind of content is it? Is it so wide that providing "scrolling='no'" in the iframe code won't both hide the scrollbars and show all the content on the third party site(s)? –  jon_brockman Jun 8 '10 at 2:34

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You can use Javascript, but it requires some special finessing with the document domain to handle cross-site scripting issues.

With CSS, it's possible to change how the iframe appears regarding scroll bars.

When we hosted a secured login control, we used a combination of an iframe and javascript with CSS to prevent scroll bars.

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