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I am getting a string which is nothing but innerHTML, and so it has instances of  . I need to trim the string such that the trailing   alone are removed. Tried this:

var text;
text = txtInnerHTML.replace(/( )*/g,"");

This removes all instances of   which is not desired.. Only the trailing   instances may be which may be zero or more need to be removed.

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Try txtInnerHTML.replace(/( )+$/g,"");

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Doesnt work for me.. :( –  ria Jun 8 '10 at 6:46
thanks. works for me. –  Abhijit Chanda Jul 18 '11 at 9:03

Use the end of string anchor

text.replace(/( )+$/, '');

I remembered which one is which by the mnemonic *carrots are more important than money(. Weird, but it worked for me when I was learning. It basically says ^ is the start anchor and $ is the end anchor. Probably doesn't make much sense out of localizations that use $ for money value.

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text = txtInnerHTML.replace(/( )*$/,"")
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txtInnerHTML.replace(/( |\s)$/,"");

Matches the ending position of the string or the position just before a string-ending $newline. In line-based tools, it matches the ending position of any line.

Don't forget about simple space " ". Regular expression above removes   or " " in the end of string

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