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Just to grok this: If I had a transient property, lets say averagePrice, and I mark that as "transient" in the data modeler: This will not be persistet, and no column will be created in SQLite for that?

And: If I make my own NSManagedObject subclass with an averagePrice property, does it make any sense to model that property in the xcdatamodel file? Would it make a difference if I would simply create a property in my subclass and not model that in the entity?

(I think: yes, it doesn't matter at all ... but not sure)

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Transient properties are handled by the undomanager for example. In addition changing transient properties makes the document "dirty" if you work in a document based application.

Creating the property only in your subclass does not affect the whole core data stack at all. It depends on your needs which solution to choose

Article on transient properties in core data

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what do you mean by "dirty"? Can you give an example? –  dontWatchMyProfile Jun 8 '10 at 8:30
the document indicates unsaved changes, even if only transient properties are modified –  Martin Brugger Jun 8 '10 at 8:35

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