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HI All,

I m a web designer and working in html and css so i m using linux machine as our company provide us, The problem is that when i am going for compatibility with windows it gets very problematic to me so plz tell me is there any site where i can check my web site in all browser of windows and mac where i get a good result as expected .........


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3 Answers

take a look at browsershots.org

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Hi oezi, I have tried it but its not taking my ip address –  Mayur Jun 8 '10 at 8:05
when i used browsershots the last time, there was a possibility to upload the html to be tested - don't know if this possibility still exists. why can't you upload your site to any online-server? –  oezi Jun 8 '10 at 8:15
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hi you can try one of these according your machine.. cross browser compatibility

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You can also try http://crossbrowsertesting.com/ which not only allows you to see a screenshot of the website but also to actually try it in different OS/browsers through a VPN connection. Works very well.

As for Windows, you can always install a virtual machine with Windows on your computer (e.g. Sun VirtualBox) so you can use Linux and Windows at the same time with no need to reboot or anything.

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