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Just started to realize an augmented reality based project, got GPS location, heading, and the two missing variable to manipulate virtual camera is Pitch/Roll.

I'm wondering if there is a ready-made formula I can merge into the project. Could spare me a lot of time. Thanks in advance.

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I think this post about the iphone accelerometer will answer most of your questions, including sample code.

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Ohh, so simply pitch=acceleration.x, roll=acceleration.y. And the acceleration.z component tells me if the device is upside down somehow. Thisone will help me to create somehow the "360 degrees free camera". Thanks jilles. – Geri Jun 8 '10 at 9:33
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I've got into the problem since, so a realy detailed post about the solution can be read here:

Get pitch and roll angles from the iPhone's accelerometer vector at gotoandplay.freeblog.hu

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You can access the device rotation through the CMMotionManager which computes the radians based on raw data (accelerometer, gyro etc.). Make sure you enable the sensor updates:

if (motionMng.deviceMotionAvailable && !motionMng.deviceMotionActive) {
    motionMng.deviceMotionUpdateInterval = 1.0 / 50.0;
    [motionMng startDeviceMotionUpdates];

Afterwards access rotation – pitch(x), roll(y) and yaw(z) – by querying the attitude object:

CMDeviceMotion *motion = [motionMng deviceMotion];

if (motion != NULL) {

    float pitch = motion.attitude.pitch;
    float roll = motion.attitude.roll;
    float yaw = motion.attitude.yaw;

    NSLog(@"ROTATION: x:%f y:%f z:%f", pitch, roll, yaw);
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