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Is there any working module to convert a SVG image into a pixel format like JPEG or PNG?

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Take a look at the Batik toolkit. Specifically the rasterizer:

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If you're using PEAR you can the XML_svg2image package ( If not you should take a look at ImageMagick command line tool ( The convert program is quite simple to use :

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If you have imagemagick installed (the tool, not sure how it would work with the PHP package), it can be as simple as:

  `convert infile.svg outfile.jpg`
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We can also use command line interface such as inkscape to achieve it. Download inkscape from

Open Terminal/command prompt Type command as:

single file conversion

inkscape -z --file=original.svg --export-png=converted.png --export-area-drawing --export-dpi=200

Batch conversion of SVG's to PNG can be achieved as follows :

for i in *.svg; 
   do inkscape -z --file=$i --export-png=$i.png --export-area-drawing --export-dpi=200; 

--export-area-drawing : This will only export the drawing area of SVG file and not the whole document area.

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Inkscape is not a command line tool (it has however a command line interface), but apart from that, it's a valid (and good to know) answer. +1 – Boldewyn Oct 30 '12 at 12:44
Thanks Boldewyn for elaborating. Yes, It is command line interface and not a tool. I converted more than 2K files in few moments. so thought to share this. – Vinay Bagale Oct 30 '12 at 13:33

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