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I need a test database to practice joins and other kinds of data retrieval operations in SQL.

What's a good free test database and RDBMS system to use on Windows?

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Every major RDBMS provider has some free edition. Those are full versions limited by database size and maximum memory usage.

Top players:

Then, there is number of open source products:

If this is not enough, check this Wikipedia article: Comparison of relational database management systems.
There's more than 50 RDBMS's listed and you'll probably find something that suits your needs.

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SQL Server Express for one.

Sample databases (AdventureWorks) can be downloaded here.

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You can use this link. The adventure works database is used as an example for numerous online and offline resources.

After which, download the SMSS Express to work on it.

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If it's just for practising SQL you could install Access assuming you have an MS Office CD that includes it already.

Otherwise MySQL or SQL Server Express are probably your best bets.

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I would recommend MySQL over SQL Server Express if your purpose is to practice SQL. The command line interface is all you need.

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You can get online practice with verifying your queries on SQL Exercises

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