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i want to write a script in debian , which will make an application stop at a certain system time . Before anyone thinks its a homework , it is not . My internet connection allows unlimited download only in a certain time period , so i would like to stop the torrent application once the time period is over with .

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Cron (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron) should be your friend here. Add 2 cron jobs to your crontab, one to start the script and one to stop it.

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Check into crontab -e - you want something like this in there:

0   2   *   *   *   /path/to/yourtorrentclient start
0   6   *   *   *   /path/to/yourtorrentclient stop

if you want to turn it on at 02:00 every day, and turn it off at 06:00 every day, and assuming yourtorrentclient responds to arguments start and stop. Rewrite as needed.

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