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I have a requirement in my project to create dynamic email address on the fly. For example, similar to flickr has the option of uploading photos (or blogger.com has an option of rececing blog posts in predefined email addresses). The email address can be like "a3383snb@domainsubscriptions.com", once this email address is created what ever the incoming mails will be processed based on certain scenarios.

My questions are:

  1. What are the solutions available for having our own IMAP/POP3 Server in Windows? Exchange is not an option though, any commercial softwares will do.
  2. Is there any way we can have one real email box and that will be masked with alphanumeric email addresss to minimize the creation of email addresses.
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I use MailEnable for my Windows mail services. It's excellent and supports a lot of features, it's also quite cost effective (i.e. pro version is about £150 or something) and not at all intrusive on the system like Exchange is.

Configuration of it is done in a text file but it also supports wild cards so you can set up "*@blah.com" to be routed to an inbox.

You can then write an application to scan for mail coming in to that inbox, parse out the bit before the @ symbol on the To: field in the header and look that up somehow (db) and handle the rest of the body appropriately.

Configuration as I say is a text file, so if you do want to split it in to different inboxes later, updating the Address-map.tab file automatically via your own code is a doddle.

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