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Hello i just wander where can i find a tool that takes in my case java script string that is
unescape and converting it to escaped string so i could use it as string value in c++

for example characters like " i need to convert it to \"
i need something smart and not just replace all function .

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rishida.net/tools/conversion –  user63898 Jun 8 '10 at 10:22

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Notepad++ would do it well.

Menu TextFX > TextFX Characters > Escape... alt text

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Pseudo code similar to C:

    char = getFirstChar();
    if(char == '\"')
    else if( another character that must be escaped )
        // do similar stuff
        // simply print the char that doesn't need to be escaped

I don't know if such tools exist but I must admit that I wrote something similar when I needed to put a html page as a string in a CGI that was written in C. Old days ...

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