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May be a dumb question, but GWT FlowPanel (raw div element) does not provides something to handle a mouseclick/mousemovement on it. Overriding onBrowserEvent do not works either.

If setting onclick event using native JavaScript (need to specify positive height before, 'div' have a height of 0 if not specified), then catching these events is working properly. Is there a way to do it without using JSNI?

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What you need to do here is wrap your FlowPanel in a FocusPanel. A FocusPanel contain all possible handler and thus will enable you to have a ClickHandler set to it.

Another method would be to create your own widget extending the flowpanel and implementing the necessary interface in order to be able to contain a ClickHandler.

I personally would recommend the first method. It's simpler, faster to code and won't slow down your application.

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Actually, you go for this:

FlowPanel fPanel = new FlowPanel() {
      public void onAttach() {
           super.addDomHandler(handler, ClickEvent.getType());  // handler is the instance         
                                                                // of your ClickHandler


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Yes, it is a little bit hack-way but if a user is restricted with the FlowPanel usage, this trick can make a work for him. Thanks –  shaman.sir Feb 1 '11 at 8:25
If I could give this answer multiple upvotes I would. –  saihgala Oct 9 '13 at 5:05

The best solution I found for this was here.

The idea is to extend the FlowPanel (or indeed SimplePanel) to implement the relevant handler interfaces, which is a much neater option for situations where you do not require the full functionality and focus capabilities of the FocusPanel. See below:

public class MouseAwareFlowPanel extends FlowPanel implements 
HasMouseOverHandlers, HasMouseOutHandlers, HasClickHandlers 
    public HandlerRegistration addMouseOverHandler(MouseOverHandler handler) 
        return addDomHandler(handler, MouseOverEvent.getType()); 
    public HandlerRegistration addMouseOutHandler(MouseOutHandler handler) 
        return addDomHandler(handler, MouseOutEvent.getType()); 
    public HandlerRegistration addClickHandler(ClickHandler handler) 
        return addDomHandler(handler, ClickEvent.getType()); 
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This is also a good solution for those who don't want to receive all types of events! Thanks! –  shaman.sir Nov 2 '11 at 20:51

This worked for me (Obviously, substitute "YOUR CLICKHANDLER" with your clickhandler's name) :

FlowPanel field = new FlowPanel();

field.addDomHandler(YOUR CLICKHANDLER, ClickEvent.getType());
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Seems question is a dumb one, yes. FlowPanel can be easily wrapped or replaced with FocusPanel, which provides a lot of method for monitoring/handling events.

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Well, if I understand FlowPanel and FocusPanel corrrectly, you can't replace FlowPanel by FocusPanel but you can sure wrap a FlowPanel in a FocusPanel. –  Zwik Jun 8 '10 at 12:35
Yes, FocusPanel is SimplePanel implementation, so it can not contain more than one child widget. But if your FlowPanel contains only one, you can simply replace it with FocusPanel :). –  shaman.sir Jun 8 '10 at 12:40
Well, using a FlowPanel for only 1 child would be useless. –  Zwik Jun 9 '10 at 15:26

Just wrap the FlowPanel with a FocusPanel, that will leave ready the widget for other user interaction too:


    FlowPanel flowPanel = new FlowPanel();
    FocusPanel focusPanel = new FocusPanel(flowPanel);
    focusPanel.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler() {
        public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {
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