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I have just started with jQuery. I am trying to implement zebra striping in my jqGrid class. I am having the problem when user clicks on sort column, all rows get rearranged and the zebra striping is blown away.

Zebra Striping code

 $("#item_table tbody tr:odd").addClass("alt");
 $("#item_table tbody tr").mouseover(function() {
 $("#item_table tbody tr").mouseout(function() {

jqGrid code

jQuery.extend(jQuery.jgrid.defaults, {
  autowidth: true,
  hidegrid: false,
   { name: 'icon', index: 'icon', width: 0, resizable: false },
   { name: 'name', index: 'name', width: 0, resizable: false },
   { name: 'price', index: 'price', width: 0, sorttype: "int", resizable: false }
  onSortCol: function(index, iCol, sortorder) {
                 // This doesn't work - IT SHOULDN'T EITHER, since event is called 
                 // just after clicking to sort but before actual sorting
                 jQuery("#item_table tbody tr:odd").addClass("odd");
  caption: "Item Table"

I also tried loadComplete, gridComplete events, but to no avail.

How should I proceed with this? Have I even started this right?

Regards Vikram

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Try the altRows and altclass attributes options from their wiki

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Same problem still exists. When I sort, the zebra stripes get intermixed and even if I reload the grid on event onSortCol, the sort order won't be retained upon reload. – vikkun Jun 9 '10 at 1:11

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