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is it possible to specify which installation of java on the system should be used to run a java task? if yes, how?

in my case i want to specify if i want to run the 32bit or the 64bit version.


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I believe this is what jvm attribute of the <java> Ant task is about.

jvm - the command used to invoke the Java Virtual Machine, default is 'java'. The command is resolved by java.lang.Runtime.exec(). Ignored if fork is disabled.

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fork Whether to execute javac using the JDK compiler externally; defaults to no

executable Complete path to the javac executable to use in case of fork="yes". Defaults to the compiler of the Java version that is currently running Ant. Ignored if fork="no". Since Ant 1.6 this attribute can also be used to specify the path to the executable when using jikes, jvc, gcj or sj.

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thanks, but i am not talking about compilation, but about execution. so the task is not javac but java. – clamp Jun 8 '10 at 10:50

Use the JAVACMD environment variable (see here)

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Since the <java> command doesn't let you specify the JVM, I'd suggest you use <exec> directly to execute the exact java binary and command line you want.

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