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So we want to seacrch for file like exampl*.ex*mple. We want to search in all users files and folders.

I know it will take long, but steel using ONLY AS3\MXML, no native commands, no external programms - only AS3\MXML libs and classes, we can skeep all folders with sise <= 200kb

So How to search for a file on users file system? (in Air application, NOT NATIVE)

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Take a look on this sample. You will have to modify it in order to add your special conditions, but it's very easy.

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Nice Component. Can we modify this component to achieve following. 1. Content search : I type in some content and it returns me the list of files which actually have "content" inside. 2. Expand component to search over LAN. –  Miral Dec 24 '11 at 7:46

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