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We have Django as DB editor for our customers. We have 2 installations on different servers - one talking to dev DB and used for testing new features (we do some customizations to admin), another used on production.

It's convenient for customer to use list editing mode for batch updating one field for one model. The set of list-editable fields for this model is (was) actually bigger - there were 6 fields, one of which had choices (thus being drop-down select). The strange bug which occurred twice on production but is not reproducible by me on any of our servers is really strange. Consider there are 17 records on the list page (filtered by some parameter). The user edited some text field for 3 of them. But Django updated another - drop-down field for 10 records. Any idea?

As an acceptable fix I made this drop-down field non editable in list mode.

Django 1.1.1, Python 2.5, Debian Lenny.


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i think you will need to provide much more details, especially for non reproducible errors. can you log your SQL statements? also post relevant parts of model and view and describe any related customizations. – Unreason Jun 8 '10 at 11:28
If even can I track SQL, how could it help for non-reproducible error?:) I believe this screen does not have any of our customizations. There are no view parts - it's admin, as stated in the topic, and the model itself is quite straightforward. I'm more interested in principal ideas on the possible reasons for such behavior than ready-to-use fix suggestion. – Guard Jun 8 '10 at 13:58

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