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I am new to schema, roles and user management part in sql server. Till now I used to work with simple dbo schema but now after reading few articles I am intrested in creating schema for managing my tables in a folder fashion.

At present, I want to create a schema where i want to keep my tables that have same kind of functionality. When I tries to create a schema then I faces a problem while using query, permissions etc.

First of all i want to get used to of using schemas then only I want to explore it. But due to initial stages and work pressure as well i m not able to implement it yet.

What can i do to start using schema with default permissions as that of dbo. Also let me know about creating roles and assigning roles on these schema. I want all this to be accessible by sa user itself at present.

What is the concept behind all these things

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  • The schema has an owner
  • Objects in different schemas can access each other with no extra permissions if they have the same owner

Please see my question here: "SQL Server: How to permission schemas?" and RBarryYoung's enlightening answer...

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