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I'm trying to invoke C++ from Java using GCJ using the CNI, so far I'm able to invoke Java code from C++. How can I invoke C++ from Java using the CNI?

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I'll extend somewhat on pcent's answer to read the GCJ/CNI Docs.

I believe that the key is to understand the whole "CNI C++ class" concept.

  • The creation of a CNI C++ class is explained in that page.
  • You can call Java code from a CNI C++ class (provided you have generated header files) - that's what you already do (calling Java from C++).
  • The key point is that CNI C++ methods can be invoked from Java (because these classes have a set of restrictions upon them to make them Java-compatible). And because the CNI class is only a (particular kind of) C++ class, you can also link it to other libraries just as you would link any C++ class.

Most of the documentation describes how the Java conventions translate in a CNI C++ class.

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Try reading GCJ/CNI Docs

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I'm not a good Java-programmer, but I'm familar with C#/C++ interop. The best solution for me to call from native C++ to managed C# was using Callbacks. I think this applies also to JNI

Try reading: http://www.tidytutorials.com/2009/07/java-native-interface-jni-example-using.html

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The question wasn't about JNI -- it was about CNI, which is a different beast entirely. –  Ken Bloom Jul 28 '10 at 18:48

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