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I had a macro ( in Visual Studio 2008 that attaches the debugger to IIS (for ASP.NET/WCF development). I assigned a shortcut to it using the options dialog.

Now I migrated the macro to Visual Studio 2010 but I can't find the macro in the list of commands to assign a shortcut to it, so apparently my macro is no longer recognized as a command. Strangely the out-of-the-box sample macro's in VS 2010 are in the list.

Anyone knows what I could be doing wrong?

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My problem when this happened is that the Module name has to match the name in the Macro Explorer.



has to have the code:

Public Module Module1
    Public Sub CollapseTree()
        'Code Here
    End Sub
End Module
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Thanks! You made my day... Would that be a bug in Visual Studio? – Koen Jun 16 '10 at 8:11
I dunno. It might be expected behavior, but it threw me for a loop for a while too! – Nick Spiers Jun 16 '10 at 12:09
+1 Thanks. I struggled for more than 2 hours untill I got your answer :) – Sandeep G B May 4 '11 at 12:03
I dont know how you figured that out... but thank you! +1 – Dve Jun 8 '11 at 11:11
Thank you very much! – Ashar Syed Nov 14 '11 at 18:14

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