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I have a field in my mysql table that I want to update.

Example: In my database the field amount has a value of 4 and I want to add 6 to the value.

How would I add 6 to the existing value???

This is what I have so far but this just deletes the existing value and adds a new one:

mysql_send("UPDATE peopletable SET amount='$amount' WHERE id='100' ");
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UPDATE peopletable SET amount=amount+6 WHERE id='100'

or if $amount is the value that you're adding (6 isn't static)

   " UPDATE peopletable SET amount=amount+$amount WHERE id='100'"
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You can do this to add something to a supplied value:

UPDATE peopletable SET amount='$amount' + 6 WHERE id='100'

To update the existing value, do:

UPDATE peopletable SET amount = ammoutn  + 6 WHERE id='100'
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his answer should work! You can also SELECT the value, make your operation in php and then update the db with the new calculated value... –  Piero Jun 8 '10 at 13:55
This doesn't do what he wants. He wants to add 6 to the amount currently stored in the column, not change it to be 6 greater than an arbitrary quantity. –  Hammerite Jun 8 '10 at 13:55
Ah, that was not clear to me from his example code. I supplied an answer for both options. –  RedFilter Jun 8 '10 at 13:58
UPDATE peopletable SET amount=amount + 6 WHERE id='100'


UPDATE peopletable SET amount+= 6 WHERE id='100'
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UPDATE peopletable SET amount = amount + 6 WHERE id = 100

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mysql_send("UPDATE peopletable SET amount=`amount`+6 WHERE id='100' ");
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Please make sure that you are sanitising your input and $amount is numeric.

Here's what your query should look like:

mysql_send("UPDATE peopletable SET amount+=$amount WHERE id='100' ");

This will take the original value and add $amount to it.

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