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I've been messing around with autoNumeric, a plug-in for jQuery that formats currency fields.

I'd like to wire the plug-in so that all currency fields are formatted by the time the user sees the page, e.g., on load.

Currently, the default that I can't seem to get around is that fields are formatted upon blur, key-up or other action in the fields themselves.

I've been experimenting with the plug-in code and it looks like it will take this relative newcomer some time to resolve this, if at all.

Anybody on this?


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autoNumeric does all formatting after 'onchange' event fires. So all that you need is to programmatically fire this event. Like this:

$('input.money').autoNumeric({aNeg: '-'}).trigger('change');

Hope this helps!

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This worked perfectly for me. Good answer. –  Dave Sanders Oct 14 '10 at 14:54

Triggering 'focusout' event formats the field. Triggering 'change' does not work in the most recent version (1.7.4).

$('input.money').autoNumeric({aNeg: '-'}).trigger('focusout'); 
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This one worked for me rather than andr111's answer. Thank you –  Mobeen May 14 at 12:25

I just ran into this problem myself. I had to make it more general, but this worked for me:

var format_options = {
    aSign: '$'  
        $(this).val($.fn.autoNumeric.Format($(this).attr('id'), $(this).val(), format_options));


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This should work.

jQuery(function($) {
    var inputID = uniqueID; // use the jQuery.get() function to retrieve data
    var formatValue = '1234.00'; // use the jQuery.get() function to retrieve data
        $('#id').val($.fn.autoNumeric.Format(inputID, formatValue));
     alert('plugin not available');


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This is what I eventually did:



    var element = this
    if(element.value !=""){
        $('#'+element.id).val($.fn.autoNumeric.Format(element.id, element.value));


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