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I need to format Gtotals output to currency how can I accomplish this. I just grabbed a quick snippet from my code it is not in order.

 string Lname, Fname, Depart, Stat, Sex, Salary, cDept, cStat, cSex;
 double Gtotal;

 fields = recordIn.Split(DELIM);
                    Lname = fields[0];
                    Fname = fields[1];
                    Depart = fields[2];
                    Stat = fields[3];
                    Sex = fields[4];
                    Salary = fields[5];

                    Fname = fields[1].TrimStart(null);
                    Depart = fields[2].TrimStart(null);
                    Stat = fields[3].TrimStart(null);
                    Sex = fields[4].TrimStart(null);
                    Salary = fields[5].TrimStart(null);

                    Gtotal = double.Parse(Salary); //convert this to currency? ie. $56,000
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Use the "C" format specifier.


will format the value with no decimal places. You can also use the culture info to override the current culture to get different currency symbols if necessary.


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for some reason it wont work I've tried this, is it because its reading from a file? – Michael Quiles Jun 8 '10 at 15:01
@Michael - what value does Gtotal have and what string do you get? The source of the data shouldn't matter. – ChrisF Jun 8 '10 at 15:15


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