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I tried sample example given at this link - Collection View Programming Guide

It is simple and it worked. Considering it as a reference I tried a simple application which will show a collection view of web views with some web page displayed over each web view.

The model class has two properties: NSString *pageName, and NSURL *pageURL.

I then followed each and every step written in tutorial above with required modifications but I was caught in the step -

How to bind web view to collection view item?

In binding tab it shows three possibilities : Editable, Hidden, Tool tip but none of these is working.

Can anyone suggest me way to accomplish my requirement?



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ok ... thanks for your valuable suggestion :) – Miraaj Jun 9 '10 at 8:51

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WebView does not expose bindings for the URL (one would think it would, but it doesn't). You'll need to make use of NSCollectionViewItem (create a custom subclass) and update your WebView's URL when its represented object is changed.

The quick start guide you referenced does not show how to use a custom collection view item (it shows a very basic case). You'll need to delve a little deeper into the documentation (and online examples) to achieve your goal.

I would offer one thought to consider regarding your overall goal: WebView is a "heavy" object, so keep your performance expectations realistic regarding creating many of these views.

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ok.. I want to get the safari new window like feature where they show collection of web pages and when a user clicks any of the sub-views , it opens that link! – Miraaj Jun 9 '10 at 9:06

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