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I made a webapp where I need html content to popup on top of the swf objects I have. I ended up using the swfobject setting wmode: "transparent" which works fine in all browsers (Chrome, safari, IE) except firefox. In firefox I can't click the flash buttons, i tried to remove wmode=transparent and, of course, I can click any button I need (all browsers)... but this way I can't put my html content on top...

How can I solve this ?

Cheers, Ze

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Need to see some code. – reisio Jun 8 '10 at 23:19
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You should NEVER use wmode: transparent if you don't really want transparency. It has some nasty performance side effects. Use wmode: opaque instead.

Check out this link for more help:

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Did you try setting a z-index on mouseover?

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