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I'd like to pull a live video feed into WPF but the MediaElement doesn't appear to support these protocols. An example video stream is here (BP oil leak live feed):

Are there any solutions for playing live streaming formats in WPF?

I had hopes for using the VideoLan DotNet component but it appears to be incompatible with the latest VLC releases:

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actually the videolan dotnet component works pretty well, you just need to install vlc 2.1 from nightly builds – henon Mar 5 '13 at 19:25

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If you're talking an IP Camera, point the WPF Chrome browser to it:

(you'll need to license the Awesomium wrapper if it's a commercial app).

If it's just webcam stuff, use the WPF MediaKit:

I've run both in Windows 7.

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Looks like this isn't currently possible in Windows 7:

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