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I am working with a french version of Access and I absolutely need characters with accents (à, è etc.) I am calling Word from Access to do a mail-merge. I used to output the result of a query in a RTF file and merge with a .dot file. With 2003, the whole process went OK. With 2007, the accentuated characters go wrong. I tried UTF-8 encoding and all sorts of variations but nothing works. I now output my query to a xlsx file and the accents are OK. But, I get a dialog box that asks to "Select table" with a check box that says the first line contains the headers. How can I "pre-answer" so that the dialog box doesn't show ? Part of the code follows

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, query, acFormatXLS, strDataSource, False

'Start Word with model

' Set appl = New Word.Application

Set doc = appl.Documents.Add(strPath & sourceFile)

With doc.MailMerge


'Here... how can I "pre-answer" the dialog box 'Can't find the right property... '*************'

.OpenDataSource Name:=strDataSource

.Destination = wdSendToNewDocument

.SuppressBlankLines = True

With .DataSource

   .FirstRecord = wdDefaultFirstRecord

   .LastRecord = wdDefaultLastRecord


Thank you.

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