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According to the user guide i am able to use file path instead of resource:

// Using classpath relative resources
    <mapper resource="org/mybatis/builder/AuthorMapper.xml"/>

// Using url fully qualified paths
    <mapper url="file:///var/sqlmaps/AuthorMapper.xml"/>

in my project I'm trying to put my mapper xml "outside" the project and i'm doing this:

<mapper url="file://D:/Mappers/ComponentMapper1.xml" /> 

The output of my log4j console:

Error building SqlSession. 
The error may exist in file://D:/Mappers/ComponentMapper1.xml 
Cause: org.apache.ibatis.builder.BuilderException: Error parsing 
SQL Mapper Configuration. Cause: D 

Is it bug or it's me doing something wrong?

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I've updated ibatis to the newest version, added thirth slash: <mapper url="file:///D:/Mappers/ComponentMapper1.xml" /> and it works just fine :) – kospiotr Jun 18 '10 at 10:39
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You just need an additional forward slash before the drive letter.

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Sql Map Config looks for mapping files relatively to the classpath, so just try adding your ComponentMapper1.xml somewhere to the classpath.



<mapper resource="ComponentMapper1.xml" />
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You must use

<mapper url="file:///usr/local/ComponentMapper1.xml" />

Where file:///usr/local/ComponentMapper1.xmlis the path to your XML File, instead of the resource if you want use mappers outside resource dir.

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