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I need some help with a query.

i want to select from a table, some values, but the values depend on the value of an other cell. after i select i need to sort them.

Can i use ELECT column FROM table WHERE one=two ORDER BY ...?

thanks, Sebastian

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Have you tried? – Felix Kling Jun 8 '10 at 17:29
yes i tried but i get an error to check manually the sql syntax. – sebastian Jun 8 '10 at 17:31
Can you show your query? Then probably something else is wrong. – Felix Kling Jun 8 '10 at 17:33
You cannot use SELECT * FROM * WHERE ... like you wrote in your title, but you can write SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE ... as in your question. Which one are you using? – Mark Byers Jun 8 '10 at 17:42
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Yes you can, as long as you spell SELECT correctly.

Here is an example you can copy and paste into your MySQL Query Browser to see a query of this type in action:

    id INT NOT NULL,
    name1 VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
    name2 VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
    sortorder INT NOT NULL

INSERT INTO table1 (id, name1, name2, sortorder) VALUES
(1, 'Foo', 'Foo', 4),
(2, 'Boo', 'Unknown', 2),
(3, 'Bar', 'Bar', 3),
(4, 'Baz', 'Baz', 1);

FROM table1
WHERE name1 = name2
ORDER BY sortorder;


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Maybe some working examples will help:

This returns over 8100 records from one of my databases:

SELECT * FROM fax_logs WHERE fee = service_charge

This returns over 2700 records from my data:

SELECT * FROM fax_logs WHERE fee = service_charge + 5

This returns over 6900 records:

SELECT * FROM fax_logs WHERE fee = service_charge + copies

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I might misunderstood your question, but I think you are trying to compare values of the first and second column. In Mysql, you can refer columns by number, not by name, only inside ORDER BY clause: SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY 1 (order by the first column). You cannot use column index in WHERE.

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